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HomeSitemap Services Welcome Home » Software » Beacon Errorception Com Beacon Errorception Com Posted on admin in Software on March 2, 2015 Comments Off on Beacon Errorception Com Errorception - Painless Read more about Errorception's features Used by the best If they care about their sites, they use Errorception The Guardian Imgur SoundCloud Khan Academy Cleartrip Olark Pagerduty Visual Website Optimizer I Get Clean Popular Professional 1 Website $24.99 per month Includes Malware Cleanup (No page limit) DDoS / Brute force protection Blacklist Removal Security Monitoring HTTP and HTTPS support Get Clean Need I got in contact with the Errorception team and Rakesh Pai was able to figure out the issue.

When you sign up with Errorception, you will be given a custom script tag. This ensures that your page load process isn't affected at all, while still letting you record errors right from the very beginning. Beacon™ Beacon™ is an interactive public access tool that allows users to view County and City information, public records and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) via an online portal. > Visit beacon™ Errorception's script snippet Here's a sample of the Errorception script tag: script (function(_,e,rr,s){_._errs=[s];var c=_.onerror;_.onerror=function(){var a=arguments;_errs.push(a); c&&c.apply(this,a)};var b=function(){var c=e.createElement(rr),b=e.getElementsByTagName(rr)[0]; c.src="//beacon.errorception.com/"+s+".js";c.async=!0;b.parentNode.insertBefore(c,b)}; _.addEventListener?_.addEventListener("load",b,!1):_.attachEvent("onload",b)}) (window,document,"script","your-project-id"); Don't worry, this script tag will not affect your page's performance at I mean, my blog runs well, I never see any errors myself, so I just kinda assumed everything was good. Heh.

The following script tag is an example of what you'd get.