Advantages of Hydraulic System Over Pneumatic System

There are many advantages of a hydraulic system over a pneumatic one. A hydraulic system is more complex and requires more parts than a pneumatic system. Because it uses fluid rather than gas, it requires less maintenance. Hydraulic systems also tend to cost less to run. These systems use non-compressible fluids that are ideal for high precision positioning. They also require very little variability in expected force. They are also easier to use.

While the two systems are different in many ways, they are both very useful in different industrial settings. Pneumatic systems work by compressing air and distributing it evenly. However, when choosing a hydraulic system, take into consideration the material that needs to be moved. This can include pneumatic and hydraulic materials, resources, and space. While heavy lifting equipment will require more fluid power, robotic laboratory equipment and food-processing equipment will require less power. Each has its own advantages.

The main advantage of a hydraulic system over a pneumatic system is force. A pneumatic cylinder can move a block across a surface, but it cannot lift heavy weights. In addition, pneumatic operating pressures rarely exceed 50 bar and are not uniform. Because of this, pneumatic systems are not recommended for lifting heavy objects. They also tend to cost more than hydraulics, as the energy is lost in heat and cylinder expansion.

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