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Eco Friendly Startups Taking Action Against Climate Change

An increasing number of entrepreneurs are taking action against climate change, and creating environmentally friendly businesses. They are pioneering products, services, and climate action resources like micropiles and wave power. From preventing 7600 kgs of waste from entering the Ganga River to providing organic fertilizer options for farmers, eco-friendly startups are transforming the concept of sustainability into a business. Read on to discover some of these startups and how they are helping the planet.

One such startup is called Krill Design, an Italian design firm that turns trash into treasure. Its Ohmie Orange Lamp, for instance, uses Sicilian orange peels as its raw material to create beautiful light fixtures. This startup promotes circular economies and combats food anxnr, creating beautiful products from waste. A recent study showed that the business generated up to 75% more fish and improved water quality. It also reduced inputs by 20%. As a result, it has achieved success in the food industry.

Another eco-friendly startup is STEER, which is a ride-hailing company based in San Francisco. It’s a mission-driven organization that aims to help cities move forward with a conscious commitment to the environment. The company prioritizes the health and welfare of its drivers, offering them higher wages and incentives to make their rides eco-friendly. It also works with Jet founder Nate Faust to minimize single-use packaging tunai4d..

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