Excelsa Coffee Beans

If you’re in the market for a new cup of coffee, consider trying Excelsa coffee beans. This variety of coffee is a variation of the Liberica bean, one of the three major coffee species. This unique coffee is primarily grown in Southeast Asia, Africa, and other parts of the world. Farmers in these countries earn an excellent living by growing and selling this coffee. Exports from the region include countries in Asia and the United States.

Excelsa coffee is often blended with other varieties, and has a distinctive fruity aroma. This variety is generally roasted to a darker roast than Arabica or Robusta beans, but it still exhibits many of the characteristics of both types. Roasted to the right degree, Excelsa coffee is full-flavored, with notes of fruit and chocolate. Many roasters know how to best utilize this unique coffee, but the shortage of this bean keeps the demand for Excelsa high.

Grown at medium altitudes between three and four thousand feet, the Excelsa tree is hardy and resistant to nematodes and disease. Despite this, it’s a challenging and labor-intensive process. It can be hard work, however, and it’s worth it to reap the benefits. But be prepared to work with the challenge that Excelsa presents. But don’t worry, as this rare coffee bean has enormous potential. We hope that more coffee producers and coffee drinkers will embrace it and start brewing it for their customers.

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