Liberica Coffee Characteristics

There are many Liberica coffee characteristics to consider before deciding to purchase it. For instance, you should know where to buy Liberica coffee, and if possible, buy it from the country that produces it, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, or the Philippines. You should also pay attention to purity, as not all Liberica coffee is natural. Don’t settle for hybrids or inferior coffees! Read on to find out more about the characteristics of Liberica coffee and how to buy it.

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First and foremost, Liberica coffee has a distinct smell when roasted. The smell resembles a fruit called durian. People have compared the smell of this coffee to the smell of wet socks or moldy cheese. Due to this characteristic, many Southeast Asian airlines prohibit its shipment on their flights. Fortunately, the aroma of Liberica makes it well-suited for specialty coffee lovers. And while it is a little more difficult to find, the beans are well worth the effort.

Another distinctive characteristic of Liberica coffee is its resiliency to disease and pests. This plant has been able to survive a drought and is more resistant to pests and disease than other coffee varieties. Today, Liberica coffee is a popular beverage in many countries, but its origins lie in Liberia. And it has a rich history of survival in the country. There are many benefits to purchasing Liberica coffee, including its high tolerance to disease and pests.

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